“Mercenary Mega Bundle” does not give legendary cards

I purchased the “Legendary Mercenary Mega Bundle” on the 25th December through the Battlenet shop on the windows launcher for my EU account. This bundle is supposed to offer 2 legendary mercenaries and 30 mercenary card packs. Although the 30 packs arrived immediately after I launched the game, I never received the 2 legendary mercenaries, nor any portraits or coins.

I am certain these two legendary mercenaries are missing because

  1. I never played mercenary mode before the purchase (even the prologue) and thus did not have any mercenary cards.
  2. I bought the “Legendary Mercenary Mega Bundle” and “Mercenaries Welcome Bundle” which should grant me 3 legendary mercenaries. Adding “Grommash” which is given after finishing the prologue, I should now have 4 legendary mercenaries in my collection.

But I only have three:

  • “Grommash” from finishing the prologue
  • “Thrall” from the “Mercenaries Welcome Bundle” which grants 1 legendary mercenary
  • “Illidan” from opening the packs.
  • All three heroes only have default portraits

Even considering “Illidan” as one of the legendary cards granted by the mega bundle (Ok I don’t have any proof that it came from the packs, that’s basically one of the “GameMaster” suggested during our exchange), I am still 1 legendary mercenary short.

I opened a ticket the same day (25th Dec.) and I think I could not explain the situation clearer in my message. But all I got was kicked around by the custom supports. After several days of useless exchange, I am finally pointed to this place, which I guess is where the “GameMasters” bury all the requests they are not able to solve… I just hope my sharing could draw some attention from Blizzard and finally this issue can be resolved, or at least my experience can help those who want to but haven’t purchased the bundle yet.

Hi there lemniscate8,

I’m sorry to hear about what certainly sounds like a frustrating experience.

Unfortunately it is the case that support has limited ability to investigate this, though I can see you already made a post in the Bug Report forums as well, which is definitely the way forward and hopefully any potential issues can be addressed quickly.