Achievements Reset for Book of Heroes


Somehow the achievement progress for Book of Heroes for Jaina and Rexxar, which were previously complete, have reset to (1/8). I have completed all 8/8 of every book of heroes so far, so am quite confused why this has happened. Each hero portrait has a crown above their head in the “Book of Heroes” menu.

Will this be resolved in a future bug fix as I have seen multiple people reporting the same issue on the US forums as well as Reddit, however I have not seen a single Blizzard response about this issue.

I do not want to have to replay these “Books” again, especially as I have already received the end rewards for them.

Please can a Blizzard rep respond, if only to say that you’re aware of the bug, and hopefully it will be resolved for everyone experiencing it.

Thanks for your time.

same issue here (required characters)

Same for me - is it the same for everyone?

Still bugged 2 years later…
If someone else have the same issue just check your achievements to know which ones you are missing because you don’t get the rewards again (for what I have read).