[ANDROID]hearthstone app crash


i play hearthstone most of the time in android but after the 14.6 update it always crashes at login
i cleared the cache ,the data
i even reinstalled the game and it’s always the same
please help me


Hey Gladious,

Have you tried to do a full restart of your mobile device, and is your mobile device itself up to date (android version)?

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!


Sir, I have tried EVERYTHING.
-Rebooted my phone
-uninstalled and reinstalled the game twice
-reset my password
-cleared cache
Etc. Basically did anything I was suggested online.

But, the game still stops responding at the tavern doors. It installs the update, then it’s gone. I checked the logs and it said something like “ANR input dispatching failed”. The game has been working as usual until a few days ago after the new patch. Please nake effort to fix this quickly as this is literally the worst error there can be in the game.


i tried everything i even lade a factory reset to my phone (which is samsung galaxy a5 with android 6.0.1 the latest version) and it still crashes


My phone is a Galaxy A5 (2015) as well. I think we’d both appreciate it if you could fix this problem. Or at least respond.


Same here. I stopped playing hearthstone because I can’t launch the game on mobile and don’t have time to play on computer. The game freezes and crashes on startup. I use Xiaomi Redmi 4 Pro.


yes it is so annoying that there are so many hours they should know now that it is in the whole eu you can’t play, they seem at every update that there are problems, i wont and so long about it? but hope soon i can fix it, have tried your trouble shouting guide, does not work …


I have the same problem i use huaweii p9 with android 6.0 i try everything nothing works after last parch game crash all the te


I have the same problem, i tried anything was suggested online.


Same problem here sincea couple of weeks. Freezes on the tavern doors. android 6.0.1 on lenovo tablet.