Android not enough space error (have more than enough)


Hi all!
I’ve got a problem with the android version.

When I tried to update, it said that I haven’t got enough space. Now the issue is, that withot Hearthstone, I have over 40 GB free space on my mobile (with it around 36).

I tried to reinstall it and install it from the Play store (I’m using Hearthstone from Amazon App store), but still the same problem. My app installation is default on the device storage.
I even took off the SD card.

Any ideas?

EDIT: Tried to restart, didn’t worked
EDIT2: Huawei Honor 9; Android 9; EMUI 9.1


I had the same issue. For me the problem was that the game actually gives the wrong error. The real problem was that I had the wi-fi on but there was no connection. For some reason instead of no connection error it gives the no free space error and doesn’t offer to download through cellular. When I turned the wi-fi off the game correctly asked if I want to download the update.


I have the same problem, i have around 80gb free space, stable wifi and cellular connection… Anyone found a fix?


Good morning,

Please follow the steps of this support article.

How’s my driving? Let me know!


I only have internal storage on my phone, and i have around 80 gb of free space on it.
I already tried the app permission solution, still cant download the patch.