[APAC region] Connectivity issues update

Hello everyone,

Below is a message from the Hearthstone team regarding recent connectivity issues in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

Our data is showing periodic spikes of player reconnects in Asia-Pacific countries, and we’re continuing to actively investigate this issue. Thanks to your reports and data, we’ve found that these short and intermittent bursts of connectivity are at least in part caused by issues outside of Blizzard with network infrastructure between these regions, making them harder to resolve.

Different telecom companies have these spikes at different times, and we’re still monitoring to get a clearer picture. A resolution for this will take some time: long-term fixes are still being planned and we will need to run tests to ensure that they contribute to solving the problem. When we have further information to share, we will provide further updates.

If you’re experiencing this issue, you can help us by replying to this forum post with the date and time when you experienced the issue, and who you use as an internet service provider.

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I have had these issues for a long time on EU too. Please refer me to where I can post time/date/provider for EU.

Why is this posted on the EU forums btw?

hello thare, something hapened with the EU server, i canot play any Game from 22 Dec 2021, some update to fix this soon ?

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Issue EU server? It is NOT smooth to play now and it has been long time. FIX IT QUICK! Thanks!

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