App won't start


Gets stuck on tavern doors. I’ve reinstalled 5 times.i have Android, I also see masses of other people with the same issue. The play store reviews are full of people saying they have the same issue and it’s been going on for 5 days at least.

It works fine on my pc


Hey Shameleon,

What version of Android OS are you using at the moment?

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!


My current android version is 6.0


I have the same problem - stuck at tavern doors and then get the " Playfull sprites" error message and I am on a pc. The thing is, the game was working fine, but I had an issue with Hearthstone Deck Tracker, which I uninstalled and then reinstalled. Tried to carry on playing Hearthstone, but now get the above error. I have done a ‘scan and repair’ - didn’t help.


I have the same problem on my android (version 9)


I have the same problem on my android (version 6.0.1)
Mobile: BQE5s


Hay . Im also having a connection problem … every time i open the game and get to the doors HS glitches out … Its been going like this since the last update ( uldum)on my android … ive got a Samsung galaxy A5 and android version 6.0.1 atm …
Please help


I have same problem Honor 7 mobilbe, Android 6, still cant log in and stuck in doors