Battlegrounds floor bug


I have a question about Battlegrounds, if I am not mistaking,every 500 points in raninking, there should me a Floor that I cant go under it (2000, 2500,3000…till 6000 if am correct). However, I was 5025 and i fell to 4949, how is this possible? Is this a bug or I did not understand well?

Same issues here. I was around 4540, with one bad game loss, it dropped blow 4500 to 4477 ish.

Same issue. Dropped below 6k rating on 2 accounts I play on.

They have removed the battlegrounds floor for now, it was in the patch notes, not sure why.

Now the new patch, 19.2, has arrived. However, the bug of missing floor still remains… :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: