BG's MMR Reset!

I was aware of this issue and for many this was resolved the next day after the launch of the patch (oct 12)
, yet I updated the patch last sunday (oct. 17), my mmr got still reset.

Hello Acnologia,

So the previous fix to the original issue caused another problem that required further correction. For more info check out the details here:

Apologies for the confusion!

I have a similar problem. Last night when I closed Battlegrounds I had 7100 MMR, today when I opened the game my rating is 6781. Can anyone help me please?

I have also ran into this issue as I was 7.5k yesterday around 1-2pm went back on around 8-9pm and my MMR was 6880

Same issue here - logged off yesterday at 7,1k and today when i logged in, I was ~6,6k.

I had ~7.5k rating 2 days ago. I didn’t play after that. When I logged into hearthstone on mobile my rating decreased to 7200.

Yesterday i’ve finished playing with ~9.2k mmr.
Today it’s 7700. What happened?
I didn’t get extra points after win or lose after i got my 6k. So? can anybody explain?

Same, had 9200 when I finished yesterday, woke up to 8000.

When i logged of yesterday night i was at 8.6k. Today i woke up at 7.8. So i lost 800 mmr in my sleep. This is kinda crazy and hope it gets fixed.