Blurry screen,lag and disconnects



The worst thing is the blurry screen after every battle that I play.
I have to restart the game to get rid of it.
I also have lag and got disconnected from the server.
What to, what to do?


Hey Michelle,

Could you take a screenshot of that, and link it here as Preformatted text.

For the connection issues, please go through the steps listed in theConnection Troubleshooting Support Article. Go through the steps thoroughly and test Hearthstone again afterwards.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!


If it happens again I will make a screenie. But luckely a wonder appeared and it did not happen today :slight_smile: You have some good influence Nenyasqi :slight_smile:


hey is some support hire play whit “Jugger” that player youse some cheat , enemy turn will not end ??? now is 20 min & still is jugger turn !!! HELP


Hi Nino.
I am afraid that you came across a known bug that is described in this way:

Endless turn/hanging card
One or both players have been disconnected. Both players will fail. Developers are working to improve stability.


This happend to me twice today. but didnt screenshot either.
Its the blurry screen, when your quest Pop up in the middle of the screen, after the game.

It think it happens when i try to click the quest away too fast. Screen just stays blurry. Games not frozen btw, everything works.


This is extremely annoying. The blur has screwed up 2 of my Rakistan Rumbles where I could not see what cards I was picking. Those games are an hour investment and having to pick your reward randomly screws up your strategy. I have 2 screenshots but have no idea how to add them. It happens anytime the quest popup comes up.


The blurry screen occurs every time I complete a quest. It wont go away and I have to quit and restart the game to get a normal screen again.


Hello everybody,

The issue with the blurry screen is being looked into. As a workaround, please queue for a new match or, if possible, restart the game.

Kind regards

What’s your opinion?


Just wanted to confirm the blur bug (macOS). Last time it happened was after finishing a match when the new daily quests appeared. Forgot to take a screenshot, but I will next time. It happens most often in Ranked when on a streak - seems to be linked to dialog windows. Only fix is restarting the game.


I also have the blurry screen bug after every match now, have to close the game is only way to get rid of it only for it to happen again and again and again.

How can a game out for this long still have bugs and issues that have been reported for YEARS.


The blurry screen after every game started for me with todays update.
I hope there will be a fix soon.


Same here, also launching the game is nearly a 1/10 rng sucess


Got the blurry screen as well - Happened 3 times. Had to quit the game, tben log back in. Really annoying