Cant connect to EU



When I start up Hearthstone on the EU server (my main server) I keep getting the playful sprites message with the error code HS:304:303:0 I tried the following things in advance.

Set location to US and Asia both worked fine (it booted up the tutorial)
Reinstal the game (I did instal it on my SSD and HDD both didn’t seem to fix the problem)
Flushed my DNS
Restart my pc
I’m still able to play on android but when I’m at home i much rather play on pc ofcourse.
I started getting this error around 09:00 am and now its 23:41 so it isn’t the server

I must say that I did delete Hearthstone from my pc, last week and before that I didn’t had any problems at all.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

*edit Forgot to mention I’m using an ethernet cable


Having this exact issue. I was able to play on the expansion launch day but now im stuck at the tavern doors every time I try to log in. Other regions are working fine. Tried everything in the Blizzard technical support section and it didnt help. Im playing on PC.



Could you try switching to the Google DNS, and see if that helps out?

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!


It didnt seem to help the problem :frowning:


I have the same problem. Can’t play from Amazon’s fire. Europe is inactive in regions menu.


I’m waiting in a queue for the past hour in battle net. Says the queue is <1 min. if I restart the launcher, the same thing happens. Can’t even launch the game because I’m offline.
Edit: this is on PC and the same thing happens on android. My DNS is


Same thing here, both on PC and Android. :frowning:


Same here, both from Android and pc.


Same problem here too, works fine on Americas or Asia region but on EU region, game just stucks at the tavern doors every time. I changed DNS, restart pc , Relog, Deleted folder and re-run. None of them didnt solve it. Can you please help ?


I have the same problem, can the hell finally someone solve the issue, its like never ending story, I was pissed by HS launcher freezes in mid game, specially at arena runs during matches… nobody will pay me back even I sent some pictures, videos and try to ask support to help… its super frustrating to loose thanks to game and not duo to your bad plays… cant believe that after almost 5 years there wasnt any update of this, still looks same, still behaves same, still crashes, freezes, nobody solving it, no paybacks from lost games… rly tought about unistalling this sh*t and switch to RIOT


I am getting the tables are full message.


Can’t connect either sadly


Same issue in World of Warcraft too. Just has me waiting in a queue.


that thing from a couple of days ago got fixed by the end of that night for me. Although for a wile after that the friends list was emty in game and both my name and my opponents name were “Your Opponent”. Then that got fifed too. But Yesterday and today I have a bit different problem… I can play fine and battlenet works on pc but on android Battlenet doesn’t logg on. Says still connecting only. Even while playing HS. I wanted to not appear offline anymore but can’t change on android.