Cant go in hearthstone mobile

i have an issue with hearthstone mobile where when i try to go in the app it says that its closed and that there is scheduled maintenance. its been like that for 4 days and i cant play the game,

ive tried uninstalling and installing the game and nothing changed, is that a known issue and can anyone help me resolve it?

There’s no current maintenance and hopefully you can connect. Are you able to swap to another connection to test if this occurs on wireless or your phones LTE?

Likewise, if you are playing on android, try clearing the games caceh data as it may help:

  • Open your Android settings
  • Choose Apps and Notifications
  • Open Hearthstone
  • Click Storage
  • Click Clear cache

Note the settings may vary slightly between phone and os models however this feature will be available

I have the same issue, clearing cache and reinstalling game wont work.