Connection issue


You say to not hijacking so i create a new topic with same common problem. I can’t connect to Hearthstone on my Android phone. Appears text about playful sprites and error “HS:NT304:303:0”. You give same recommendation to everyone - to read support article, including the advanced troubleshooting, but it’s useless. It does not help at all.


Hello Nting,

The assistance we can provide for connection issues on mobile devices is limited, and the support article for connection issues on mobile is not the same as the one you’re referencing.

That being said, please check this support article to troubleshoot your issue.

How’s my driving? Let me know!


I have followed all steps in your support article. Now i have text that my connection is timed out as it was requesting data from Hearthstone servers and still same error - HS:NT304:303:0.


I’m using iPad with same problem


I’m the same stuck at login screen using iphone


I have same issue please help can’t log in since the update


Same here.
Since the update, stuck on Tavern-Door screen.


You would think that they care about their players… but they don’t.
We would think that we won’t lose games when disconnecting during matchmaking… but we are.
We would think that they refund arenas when we lose because of server-related issues, but we don’t


Had the same problem on PC after SoU update. By looking at Hearthstone logs I saw that Cache folder was causing problems. If you have same problems try cuting folder Cache from C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Local\Blizzard\Hearthstone (or where ever it is on your device) and passing it on desktop (or just delete it). After that try to lunch and the game again, if it starts just delete that folder from desktop (for PC), if not return it where you cut it from. Hope it works :slight_smile:

Also if that doesn’t work you can probably find what is causing problem in your logs.