Constant updating


So I work away a lot, in anticipation of the release I logged on and got both my mobile and tablet updated before heading off on April the 9th over night as well, double checking.
Sure enough when I got in country in Spain 12 hrs later both devices require the game to up date and I’ve been unable to play, the WiFi is ok here good enough to watch YouTube vids Facebook videos etc but clearly hearthstone needs a lot more.
This happens ALL the time the constant updating issue is a big complaint in the community.
I’m gutted I can’t participate during this exciting time
What will you guys do to make it better.


Hey Lazarus,

I’m sorry to hear the updates happened at rather unfortunate times for you, unfortunately updates will continue to take place as the game continues to be developed further. These updates might be small at times to address minor bugs, but can be larger as well with content updates and such.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!