Constantly losing connection only on HS


Ever since installing the game and playing it keeps making me lose matches because connection is dropping every single game.

It only started after installing this game and never had issues until then.

Nothing else seems effected except HS.


Good morning TRONEON,

To prevent disconnects, please go through these steps here. You might also want to try and run a WinMTR while playing the game to see where the disconnect happens.

Kind regards

What’s your opinion?


There is nothing wrong on my end, it’s a HS problem. This is the only game I have with this issue.


Hello again,

Yes, I do believe that other services are running for you, but not everything on the Internet is running on the same servers. Where you might have no issues on one route, you might have with another. That is why i suggested to run a winMTR to see if there is a connection issue.

Kind regards

What’s your opinion?


Sorry but the issue is on your side, I won’t be playing your game which is a shame, can’t get stable connection from your servers and it ruins playing of any kind. I don’t have to change anything for other games so I should not have to for yours. I also play other Blizzard games with no issues. It’s ONLY HS and only since I installed this game.

Easier just not to play at this point, not worth the hassle within the first hour I have had more issues than most games iv played in years.

Cheers anyway.