Fix your server, especially on arena, got dc every turn


Ok what’s going on lately. I’ve experienced of lot of micro-disconnection but especially in arena. Just got my worst gaming experience. Was in a 6-0 run and was disconnected almost every turn, then I lost 2 games in a row. The first one was ended with no reason, we were both alive a not with letal on board. The game just kicked me and said it couldn’t reconnect me to it while sending me to the menu. The second, i was literraly disconnected every turn and finally got disconnect three times in a single and crucial turn. So what’s going on ? I don’t have those issues in casual so please do something. Guess i’m done playing for now.

By the way, I’m only playing on PC with a high-end connection. And got no issue whatsoever on other games.


I also confirm the above.Getting mini disconections during some rounds while playing in the arena and have lost games at least twice in that way.Its certainly not internet connection problems and im also playing on PC connected to my router via ethernet cable