Fps drop overtime


Hi, Im still having FPS drop over time for Hearthstone.
It starts off 60 fps, but after around 3 matches, it drops to below 30 and become so laggy and unplayable.
Closing the game and re-launch fix this issue, but do i have to do this everytime?

I do not encounter this issue if i play HS in android emulator in PC.

OS: i5-4690K
GPU: GTX 1080ti
RAM: 16gb

It does not happen to other games.

What i have done:

  1. set targetframerate = 60 and vsync=false/true
  2. delete cache in localapp
  3. reinstall the game
  4. update NVIDIA driver
  5. disable NVIDIA physx

The issue still persist. Is the problem with my GPU or the game?

Please help, i have invest a lot in this game. Thank you.


Good morning HappyFeet,

There are a few other steps you can try to troubleshooting this issue, please see our Hearthstone Performance Issues support article.

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Same here. It heppens in fatigue only. The frames drop for no reason. It stops when the match ends. Is Avira antivirus the issue ? It’s the only program I run in the background.