Game constantly crashing and freezing


Customer support would not allow me to submit a ticket and instead redirected here. I have been finding it very difficult to play hearthstone since mid last year as the game now consistently crashes multiple times over play sessions and will sometimes even freeze after relaunching the game. I play on a iPhone 6 from 2014 but i am still really disappointed with its run quality as i have really felt that its actually become more unstable over patches from when i joined in the Rise of Shadows expansion. Even when i joined i was playing on a iPhone 5 and it ran surprisingly smoothly but now its gotten to the point of unplayable. Theres not point playing a game were you lose just because the game crashed and has become very frustrating for me. It would be really nice for a mobile centred patch that really fixed the stability of the game.

Thank you for any help.

This is very similar to my feelings on HS. Ive played on and off since the Naxx expansion. Ive always played on mobile, and it seems impossible lately between disconnects and stale client side sessions where the game will hang to the point i cant even concede.

I was on my last arena life and this happened so when i terminated the app and logged in I was presented with arena rewards. So why bother attempting ranked, or arena or anything if theres a large chance Ill get booted.

This type of client server session is solved industry wide for mobile games. Why is blizard unable to provide any stability?