Game freezes and crashes since last update

Had a problem since the last update, the new battleground season. The game randomly freezes when a minion attacks when playing battlegrounds. From what I’ve noticed it occurs either before the minion attacks (minion seems to target something then nothing happens) or immediately after the minion attacks (minion attacks, both minions takes damage and the attacker returns to it’s original spot but then nothing happens).

This usually occurs atleast once per game. I’ve tried to wait it out but it only worked once, restarting the game does work though.

I’ve experienced something similiar while playing standard ranked aswell but cannot really give any examples as I don’t play that much.

Scan and Repair says it’s all good and reinstalling the game hasn’t worked either. I’m playing on Windows 11.

There are a number of possible causes of game stutters, freezes, or lockups, the majority of which can be taken care of by going through the advice on our Support site: