Game only getting past loading screen after new install [iPad]

Since my game updated to the last patch it doesn’t get past the loading screen. When I uninstall the game and reinstall it from the app store it will start up as usual, though after I quit the game and try to start it up again the same problem reoccurs. IPad air 2 iOs 14.3.


EU servers, iPad Air 2, iOS 14.3.

Stuck at loading screen both from cellular and Wi-Fi. With and without vpn. Never had as issue before. If I Uninstall and reinstall, it works again. But as soon as I relaunch the game it gets stuck on the loading screen. Again i can uninstall and reinstall to make it work.

I can second that neither WiFi nor cellular works and a VPN also does not work.

Same issue with iPad Air 2 iOS 14.3, need to reinstal the game every time i Want to play, because it only works at the first launch…

Same here both on iphone ios 14.3 and ipad air 14.3.
Only reinstalling the games temporary solves the issue.

Same issue for me. Need to keep reinstalling the game to play on ipad.

I have the same issue on Iphone 6s. + if I change my region to other than EU it works just fine. I am only able to play on my main server when i reinstall the whole game

same here, cant play on iPad…

Same here, on Ipad Air 2. Look like no response from Blizzard, and unfortunately unplayable on Ipad from now on :frowning:

It was resolved for 2 days after my initial post. But right now the problem is back.
No clue what causes it so no solition

Hi all,

Thanks for the reports everyone!

We’re aware of this issue and collecting reports over in this thread:

We’ll try to post major updates here as well, though it may be worth checking both threads for the latest updates.

At a glance it looks to be related to stored login details. Did anyone else have luck with this workaround?

Same issue, on an iPad Air 2.

The workaround works. Switching account and quitting prior to logging in forces a login screen upon reload and you can load the game OK after logging in. If there’s a crash or you forget to log-out/switch accounts it stops working and a reinstall (or password reset) is necessary.

What is being done about this!!! Nothing to do with “stored log in details”.

I updated the game 3 Days ago on iPad and it no longer will load even after multiple reinstalls.

No obvious way to raise a ticket and nobody seems to be replying. Paid for his game and played it for a very long time.

Get a bloody grip Blizzard.

Hi, same problem.

iPad Air2
Version 14.3