Has anyone ever got a reply on their ticket been waiting 4 days. I’ve replied a few times but not even a human acknowledgement of my ticket

I submitted a ticket 4 days ago and I have yet to get a reply I have replied to the ticket myself as I am worried it will automatically close. Has blizzard become a faceless company that you can’t speak to a person directly? When I submitted my ticket it said 24 hour reply time which is a lie as I have been waiting 96+ hours.

My issue completely stops me from playing the game.

The game wont load and it says “Closed Oops! Playful sprites have disrupted Hearthstone as it was connecting to our servers. Please wait a few minutes for them to disperse and try again.” HS:NGRESULT DB ERROR:303:0 I seen another topic with others having the same issue and there is only 1 response from blizzard and it’s that they are investigating. I am asking why blizzard has such poor technical support.


Apparently, “they are aware” and the issue is “currently under investigation”.
I think the bluepost mentioned that no workaround is possible at the moment.
It seems that we have to cope harder lol

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According to the Blizzard customer support there is no issue on their end so I doubt blizzard even know what’s going on hence the silence

We launched a number of hotfixes over the past two days trying to tackle this particular issue (with some success), so we’re definitely very much aware of it - as of right now things should be better for most affected players, but we’re still looking further into the problem.

A shame that I am not one of those players, though
The same issue is still there
Wish you guys luck with resolving it asap

I’m on NA and this is happening to both me and my boyfriend on different phones. We mostly play battlegrounds and this started up yesterday and still isn’t letting us in the game after it kicked us out from a playful sprites error. Really annoying, I understand you guys are working on fixing it but clearly this has been an issue for more than a year now and it’s still happening. We pay you guys a lot of money for your games, especially through WoW subs, and we’d appreciate being able to actually play them lol

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