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Most people tried for whatever reason, some didn’t know enough, some didn’t care enough to not do it, like athletes that run until they fall, some don’t realize the dangers, some don’t care about them.

Then there is “come on if you want to hang with us” “why should I care about myself if no one else does” (real people that I’ve spoke to told me this stuff, the second was a 14 y/o girl with a loving family and a solid group of close friends) and all that stuff that makes people start smoking for the most part, I’ve had countles people tell me that if I didn’t start smoking ultil now I might never will, I know it doesn’t sould right lol.

I had classmates who considered themselves adults because they had a driving licence for the car daddy bought them and a gf/bf so they are more mature and have purpose in life, they get drunk at parties like they saw real adults do on TV and how wouldn’t they fancy smoking a fag then? It’s usually being close to people that makes you feel their defects (this behavior) aren’t that bad and in some cases flip your perspective, I know more than 30 kids that started 9th grade in diverse groups with diverse behaviors had the usual proces of listening to others and chalanging their ideas and after 4 years went paths you would have never expected from them.

From my experience people start smoking in uninspiered moments then try to give up but can’t. That’s it.


Or smoking could just be enjoyable?


i wont stop anyone …

i just dont get it

if you enjoy it, have fun


This new series of Dragon’s Den looks amazing. :clown_face:


You underestimate sugar and cofee, hard to set what is the worst from the 3 but in any way it would be a close call


I wouldn’t call it a close call. As far as I know there’s no evidence that sugar and coffee increase mortality rate the same way tobacco does, especially when the issues with sugar are mostly issues with calorie intake that can happen even if you only eat broccoli (even if an insane amount of it).


You overall point is obviously correct, but sugar can definitely cause damage outside of the calories. You can die from hyperglycaemia pretty easily if you ingest a ridiculous amount and long term abuse will cause several conditions that if not properly monitored can also be fatal.

I also don’t think you can do harm calorie wise from broccoli, as the amount you’d need to consume is so large the you give yourself some type of poisoning way before that point.

Caffeine can mess with your heart pretty badly if abused.

Still 2 have to be abused, 1 is pretty much just poison, so it’s definitely not close. Not sure on alcohol, as i’ve never been bothered to look into the “a little bit is good for ya” idea. Just drink what I want :grin:


We agree with different words, Ixnay.

Regarding alcohol, it’s insanely bad. Class 1 Carcinogen, like tobacco smoke and asbestos. Doesn’t mean the risks are the same, keep that in mind… however, the latest literature I read even suggested there’s no minimum safe consumption, which saddens me because, although I drink almost nothing, I’m crazy for good wine.


tell me about

i work in the Event bussines … i drink more on duty as in privacy

went my whole holiday wihtout a single sip of Alcohol and i didnt miss it a sec

but the best Contracts are talked about over a Glass of whine or a bottle of beer …


Meh seems like there’s conflicting results but the general consensus seems to be that a small amount is good for your heart but bad for the rest of you.


Oh boy, haven’t disagreed with you in long time
The problem with official statistics about sugar mortality rate is - they don’t account for Diabetes TypeII cases and obesity related ones (hearth, vascular system, etc)

Also you can’t rly follow the right ammount of added sugar in products, so you can easly overdose.

For a adult male the max dose varries from 35 to 42 grams / day
A packet of Nestle 3in1 cofee has 12g, and most ppl drink 2 at a time. A can of Manster has 14/100, so 70g. in one can - thats double the daily dose for a male.
Add 5-15g. with each meal from stuff like mayo, catchup, or other products with added sugar and you can hit easly 300 to 500g/day. And this stuff is addictive af. Don’t believe me - try eating a full chocolate for a wekk each day, and look what happens, when you drasticly reduce your sugar intake the next one.

And yeah - there is no minimum safe ammount of alchohol. It, as tobaco smoke directly triggers mutation at celular level, and even the first one can mutate into cancer.

Yet, overall we are exposed to so much bad stuff (breathing big cities air contains so much bad stuff, that you are allready compomised) and it’s so hard to miss on a glass of wine, with some grapes and cheese


That’s quite alright, I’ll straightforward admit I feel I’m ignorant after your explanation and that I have to better educate myself on the subject of sugar. That’s what discussing is all about, right? Glad we disagreed so that maybe we won’t at some point in the future.


yeah we saw it on the “censorship thematic” a lot of people who only wanted to “discuss” with people who agrre with them …

thats hardly a discussion :slight_smile:

i love to talk and work with people who disagree with me … i mean how am i going to learn something new if i only hear my own opinion?


This is so true…a work colleague of mine bought an Innocent Smoothie and when we looked up the nutritional information it showed it contained 300% of your daily sugar allowance!!!


how much of it was added sugar though? fruit contains a lot of sugar by itself. so you can’t consume lots of fruit and expect it to be healthy ;D (regarding sugar).

example: a typical banana contains 24g of sugar.


“Some people want other people to think the same as them. Others just want to make people THINK.”

I think a lot of us here are the latter.


”Innocent”, huh?
How ironic.


not sure about that…

but im very sure that there are more people here trying to convice others rather then just insult them and tell them to go away instead

i have no problem with people try to convince me btw.

either they succed because their arguemnts are good or i just say … No …


That’s fine if you think otherwise, you thought for yourself. :smile:

From what I’ve seen, only so many of us here can do that. :pensive:


Added white sugar is different to fructose. Fruit sugar is simple ketonic monosaccharide and table sugar is disaccharide, processed double molecule of fructose and glukose. So they are both dangerous to diabetes patients, but fructose is easier to be processed in the body to glukose and absorbed by the cells. Besides - the ammount of fruit product you have to eat to get the same lvl of sugar in your bloodstream you’ll get from a choco milk is impossible for most ppl, so you have that natural way to limit yourself.

And mentioning choco milks - that, as most natural juices in small packages (320 ml or 550 ml), that are marketed exclusivly to minors and kids are insanely packed with added sugar. For a choco milk it can reach 23g/100 avg 18, and for “natural” juices it goes from 11 to 16g/100. Problem is - those drinks are promote tirst and when cooled, the sugarly taste is acceptable so you can drink it without noticing you’ve just took 80 to 100 grams of added sugar. Kids at age of 10 have daily dose set at 25g. - thats 4 times their daily dose in one drink, they suck in 5-10 min.

When you add all the soda pop drinks (coke in my county is 12g/100), choco bars, candies, fruits, whatever processed foods (clean (not sweatened yogurt) contains 8g/100 sugar) it gets rly scary and you can easly make connection between:

  • lack of awerness in parents
  • diet habits and consumed food
  • obesity and diabetes in younglings

sugar is fast energy, so you can counter the ammount you take by active exercise, burn enough of it and don’t overeat it and you should be good.