In game chat not working

When click to chat, the conversation box opens up and I can read the messages I receive, but it will not allow me to respond. I click in the text field but the option to type does not work (I.e. no keyboard pops up). It is fine on my old OnePlus 3, and on the laptop, but the issue only seems to affect me on my OnePlus 8 which is where I primarily play…


I have the same problem with my oneplus8. Did you find a solution for it? Thanks in advance.

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Check your Status to make sure you are set to appear “online” and then see if you are able to chat once more.

Same issue here, I can’t use in game chat on my oneplus 8 pro. And all was good on previous phone as well as on pc

Well… I think I solved, it is because we are using the gestures of the screen, if you change it to use the button bar (back, home, apps) then the chat will work

How does this fix work exactly? I don’t know what this button bar is