Is people cheating in Battlegrounds?

I have now witnessed several players having minions at 5 stars very early in the game. Also the full table of those players are way overpowered compared to all other players and i have never been able to get all those minions alongside upgrades og bobs tavern that early. It just isnt possible if you put the numbers together. The cost of minions vs cost of upgrades. Just aint possible. So that is evidence itself that some people found a way to cheat in battlegrounds.

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Hi there Blackfire! Thanks for reporting this to us, however, looking at things it is possible you may be misreading the situations, especially considering some of the crazy Hero powers some of the characters have.

If you have taken note of any names of these players and when it happened then you can use the information here to submit a report to us directly. You can do this the next time you notice it anyway.

Keep a close eye on things as we would like to know if there is a way to cheat in Battlegrounds, and have it reported to us.

Don’ forget about Shifter Zerus That can get you a 6stars minion early in the game

Is it true. He’s cheating in Battleground. A player with a pub for 2lvl and 7 cards on the table, of which 2 gold cards and 1x sister tier is impossible. And we’re talking about 3 rounds

There is a cheater name Falbiogomes, played Fungalmancer Flurgl, had a “Gentle megasaur” in his Bob’s tier3. How is that happen? Cheater?

So… I just ran into someone playing A. F. Kay, at Tavern Tier 3, with 2 Razorgores and 1 Kalecgos. Can’t even remeber the rest of the minions as I was just too confused to understand what was going on. Also, this was like Turn 5 and this person had a full board.

It is impossible to report all the players by name. I dont speak russian and know nothing about azbuka.

Found another cheater in my games. He was in first place, i ended second. Me and the 3th player had to face eachother 3 times in a row and never had to fight vs him… when i defeated the tirth player i instantly got 2nd place without having to fight the first one…


I have had the same as @Zerg. If needed I have the replay aswell of the game. I dont need the mmr but dont want cheaters in my games.

Literally experienced the same exact thing happen - never faced the winning player the entire game - played 3 turns against the 3rd ranked player - after winning to secure second place - the game was over with me being awarded second place - never facing the first person. Tried to report to the hacks team but it happened so fact I have no other information than that.

I had this happened to me and I must tell you after the game the 1st place counter had one more win. It is most likely visual stuff but it happened only once for me so small sample size.

I had exactly the same twice !!!