Lag on every game mode


I am trying to play the new modes since the last time I played the game but I have lag on everything. Living in UK and on EU game region.

Mercenaries are throwing me back to main menu with “We encountered an error when loading this menu. Please try again.” Been happening every day since the patch.

What kind of Lag you experience? FPS or Ping network they are not the same you know… If only the game is slow in animations then you should check the options menu and change performance from low to high, and also frame limit.


Its ping, the graphics r pretty smooth but when I’m in the mercenary mode it takes 2-3 sec before my mouse button makes anything open. Also have the same in battlegrounds, but today is a bit better still not as it was a few month ago

Hello Jade (and the others),

According to your description, you had some connection issue. If it’s still happening, the steps of this following article should be helpful :

If you don’t see any improvement, we’ll need your MSinfo and a MTR test. You can host the files on an external site such as Pastebin then provide the URL here, as a preformatted text. Else, you can just submit a ticket with the files attached.