Lagging when animations and drawing

Hello, as the title say i lagging terribly hard when playing cards or someone draws a card, its unplayable i’ve tried everything i can find without success.



Go through the steps outlined in the Hearthstone Performance Issues Support article, and see if that helps out.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!

I am also having the same issue on PC.
I have played the game since Beta, its like a daily routine and I follow the competitive scene. For about the last week I have been experiencing the issues described by the OP. The game visibly lags, animations seem to stutter, and the game is completely ruined for me in casual or ranked.
I am running on Windows 10, I have deleted the game and reinstalled it twice. Closed various background apps, tried the repair tool.
My PC is more than capable of running this game, and has done for a long time. Other games run fine, such as the recent COD Beta, but Hearthstone does not.
I am running the latest drivers according to my Nvidia GeForce experience ( Version 436.30 released on the 10/9/19 )
I dont have many background apps and the ones I do run, I have had for a long time and never caused issues before. My hard drives were all recently formatted.
Please help me fix this, it sucks, I love this game and want to play.

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