Lost all cards and progress

I played Hearthstone when it was first released and stopped playing some time after Naxx. But when I now returned to Hearthstone all my progress and cards are gone.
Is there any way to get those back I don’t feel like going through getting all the basic cards again and am not that happy grinding all the cards once more.


Hi there Peekaboo,
We find some players run into this if they chose the wrong region to log into, however that does not appear to be the case for yourself. Progression in Hearthstone would not be gone, but it looks like you have logged into the wrong Battle.net account. If you have any other e-mail addresses, I’d recommend trying to log in with them to see if your Hearthstone account is there.
If you can’t find it, please contact our Customer Support team and they’ll see if they can help you track it down.

Thank you!
That solved it for me.

Hi there, I lost my card and progression either! Tried all suggestions mentioned above but nothing had happened. Have tried and ask some support. Unfortunately the game master couldn’t solve and didn’t answer even to my reply.