Lost my hearthstone account

I have been playing hearthstone for a while now, even purchased some packs. This new pop up says “sign into battle net” usually i dont have to sign in (i play on my ipad) As i signed in it goes to an account that has my user name but its like a noob account all my packs and progress is not there!! I tried logging in with multiple emails with all regions and my account ive been playing with for years is gone?! This is unbelievable.

Hello mskissmyazz,

Seems you connected the wrong Battle.net account. As you’re an Apple user, you should check the Private Relay settings if you used this feature in the past.

Else, if you’re unable to locate the right one, you should contact our customer support.

I was short from sending a reqest to customer support, but due to that the problem disappeared (not by itself, but still gone) before I was ready to send.
Here is the text I produced there:

First of all, I have the same issue as in Lost my hearthstone account, exept that I am using linux and some wine-magic to run hearthstone, I see a noob-account when I log in on my computer.

The weird other thing is that when I run hearthstone on my notepad (android), it shows my normal account.

I have only one account, it is the same both places.

Update: Seems I am too used to fix my own computery issues, doing the windows equivalent of wiping my system clean, reinstall windows and battle.net, and it works. I hope a reinstall of battle.net is enough in windows.

Edit: I hope a reinstall of battle.net is enough in ios.