Low fps in hearthstone

I have the problem that hearthstone only runs with 20 fps in the battleground mode. It’s a card game but the animation is really slow, so I’ve a difference about 15 seconds animation time to a friend with 144 fps.
I have a notebook with a ryzon 4700u and a geforce 2060 mobile version. 16 gb ram and win 10.

I read already a few posts, but nothing seems to help. I can’t believe that my hardware is to weak to get more than 100 fps for a card game…

This is what i already tried:
Add in the options file the line for 144 fps and deactivate vsync
Add arguments at start with the argument for dx9
Repair or reinstall hearthstone
Set all graphic settings to low and deactivate animations
Deactivate all background prozesses
Delete cache
Deactivate area location

My ram is at 50 %, my prozessor at 14 % usage.

Have someone an issue for the low fps or is it normal to run the game with this hardware with 20 fps?

Hey there hount

As with any laptop set up, make sure that the game is actually using your Nvidia card and not the Ryzen’s integrated card. There’s a world of difference between them. That will be done through the Nvidia Control Panel and under the Manage 3d Settings. There will be an option to select your Nvidia Card.

I’d suggest searching for some guides on this if you’re not already comfortable with that panel. You’ll find a lot of them. :slight_smile:

A couple of other options to check as well.