Mac - Click Delay

On the Mac client there appears to be an issue since the latest battlegrounds update causing what appears to be some kind of click delay within the client both within the menus and in game. This makes playing battlegrounds particularly difficult as it is sometimes impossible to click on cards.

I have tried the usual reinstall, changing of graphics settings and resolutions but nothing seems to fix it. There appears to be no issues when playing via Windows or Phone. Only happening via M1 Macbook.


Also happening for me. M1 Macbook Air; started after the most recent update and macOS Monterey.

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Yup same here, M1 running Monterey

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me too! macbook air m1, mouse clicking delay (can not fast pick cards any more) =(

it started after 21.4.0 (or 21.4.4) update…
please check…

me too! not even worth mentioning intel-only versions of hearthstone and C’mon, devs, it’s been a year since m1’s are out!

If graphics is set to high - the delay seems a little bit shorter, but still exists and is a pain. Everything works smooth on M1 at high graphic settings (but with delays on each card played from the hand), but the overheating and power inefficiency is tremendous for the M1.

Thanks, did notice this, still have difficulty grabbing the cards which makes high APM pirate builds difficult.

Would be nice to have a response from blizz! :slight_smile:

There is a post over on the US Mac forums about this and they managed to find a solution so dropping a link to that here.

your tech support is useless. Why do users have to find out the solution? Why not blizzard?

Same here, playing this game is no longer a pleasure