MAESTRA mechanics and interactions

I believe this topic belongs to technical support. Maestra is an excellent idea of a card with terrible realization.

Whoever is responsible for Maestra mechanics should be punished since he/she/they did everything backwards, got everything wrong and didn’t actually get their job done while falling asleep at the switch.

  1. Maestra starts as a rogue in 15% of the games. I beg my pardon, but this is a STUPID feature. Or a bug?

  2. Playing cloak of shadows from another class doesn’t put you into stealth while casting cloak from a 10 mana mage spell puts you into stealth. Another STUPID feature? Bug? I see no logic. Care to explain?

  3. Playing Tess from another class (while being masqueraded) doesn’t work. Can you make it work??)
    Firstly change into rogue after the card is played and secondly play Tess battlecry - is this so hard to implement? C’mon, this is a LEGENDARY card!
    Playing Tess while being masqueraded is different from playing Tess while just being another hero (Jaraxus, for example), because the transformation doesn’t occur in the 2nd case)

  4. Trading trade-able rogue cards doesn’t change you to rogue, but another player already knows that you are a rogue since you traded a rogue card. Such trading should transform you!

  5. Playing dual class cards (e.g. wand thief) reveals rogue. Bug! It’s not a rogue-only card! I’ve had situations when I played wand thief while being masqueraded as a mage(!) and still transform to rogue. How “smart” is this feature? I bet not so smart)
    What about in-match generated dual class cards? Do they also transform you back to rogue?

  6. It would be fair if the above-mentioned changes (both nerfs and buffs) would be implemented, together with 1 more change: if you in any way reveal a rogue card (only from your deck or hand, not generated!) to your opponent, it would transform you back to rogue. Includes burning a rogue card!

I believe there are more “not so smart” interactions with Maestra, maybe the community will add more…