Mercenaries: Sneed won't get crafted

Playing mercenaries. I have enough “coins” to craft Sneed and the card appears in that blue tone (craftable). I press craft and game asks “Are you sure you want to craft this mercenary”. I choose yes and it plays the crafting animation but the card doesn’t get crafted. No coins seems to be used and the card is still in that blue color. Tried restarting the game and the whole app, didn’t help. I’m playing on PC (Win 10).

Visual bug, it shows that you need 100 coins. Sneed is an epic card, meaning you need 300 coins.

Sneed has more issues, when getting him to 30, it says you’ve leveled Garrosh.
In the achievements section, there are 2 achievements for Garrosh to 30. One is for Sneed. Works correctly, just wrong displayed.

Same for Eudora. I forgot what the name of the achievement was.

Yep, I just leveled Eudora and the achievement says it’s Varyan. Baffling that such simple bugs are still present.