"Missing" duplicate (Wild) legendary card

Dear people (of Blizzard),

I finished the achievement (What Lurks Below) and didn’t receive the duplicate of Ambassador Faelin (or the option to reroll), in which i wandered what went wrong. As a missed reroll for a legendary is quite alot to miss. I read about duplicate protection and about the improved redundant card handling, but i haven’t gotten any wiser about why nothing really happened or no card received to disenchant (i know it’s uncraftable, but it’s a loss not being able to disenchant such duplicates).

I hope you (or anyone) can help me and/or clarify what happened.

Thanks in advance!

You didn’t miss anything.
The issue here is an information problem. The description of some achievements rewards is a bit unclear.

Regular Ambassador Faelin is an uncraftable card. It was originally available as one of the rewards on the rewards track of the Sunken City expansion (free track, level 1). But once Castle Nathria released, a new rewards track was opened, and the Sunken City rewards track was discontinued.

Blizzard feels that it would be unfair to newer or less active players if cards that are available on a rewards track would forever be out of reach of players once that rewards track ends. They could have chosen to make such cards craftable, but instead they chose to keep them uncraftable, and introduce achievements to give players a second chance to earn those cards.

So technically, the reward for the What Lurks Below achievement should probably have read “Regular Ambassador Faelin, unless you already own it”. You already owned it, so you got nothing. Except a rather confusing popup suggesting that you received a second copy of this card.

(Note that even if you would have received a second copy, it would not have been of any use. You cannot use two copies in your decks. You cannot disenchant the duplicate for dust. You would not have been given a reroll option, since you can never reroll uncraftable cards. You simply would have been stuck with a totally useless second copy of the card).

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Ah okay, too bad, but at least im not confused anymore.
But it is a good thing that new and/or returning players can get them.

Have a good day and thank you for the answer!