Missing not showing gold cards


When you used to type in “missing” as a filter, the collection would show the missing cards including the missing cards of which you had a golden version but not the regular one. It would show the the golden card, so you knew you had it in your collection.

Now, when you type in “missing” as a filter, it will just show you all the missing regular cards, but it won’t show the golden versions of the cards of which you dont have the regular version.

Is this an intended change, or will this be fixed. Its really annoying.

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I too would like to know why this was changed, it makes figuring out what cards you actually are missing very difficult. Please fix blizz

So, I want to add to my former post that using the craft button also disables the the visual of any golden cards… you can see regular cards OR golden cards (by clicking the checkbox show only golden cards) in craft mode, but not both?

This is a different issue then my first post, but it also results in making it difficult to see what cards are missing. Please fix.

Yeah I ended up crafting two legendary cards thinking I didn’t have them.

I then had to dust the golden version to get my dust back. It’s so stupid that they changed it. I think a lot of people have made that mistake.

Any news on plans on my post? Because it is really frustrating!

This issue is problematic, especially when you are trying to complete a set and craft the missing cards. I always keep the golden cards and disenchant regular ones, so it’s really hard to figure out what cards I’m actually missing