My old laptop is not able to make HS game run anymore [Solved]

After the last patch, the Dead Mines miniset, my oldy laptop machine stoped working together with HS. When I start the game, the loading screen appears and then the game just close itself in 2 seconds… The system requirements were increased by this patch? It has an NVIDIA Geforce 820M graphical chip. I know it is weak… but it was good enough for me to play when I have only that available. If that is the case then I will stop trying it. Rather play with me smartphone because it still can make it run properly.

Hey there GoodDaytoDie,

While old, your card has plenty of power to still be over the recommended spec for Hearthstone and there were no changes made to those requirements lately.

Check out this new article we created this week from similar reports to your own. It appears to be related to your laptop using your onboard graphics instead of your Nvidia card.

Hello Tritambarum,

Yes, I believed the same that my laptop is probably using the Intel HD graphic chipset instead of Nvidia and tried my best to find the problem, but every settings seems fine and still. Thanks anyway for your reply, I try again when it will be my only option available again. I also tried to update the driver but managed to ruin it completely because it seems the Nvidia does not provide any drivers for that card anymore. Atleast the Windows said there is no compatible card found in the system and the last date for this card driver is 2019… :\

EDIT: Ah, I already found and read this article but thank you again.

2nd EDIT, problem solved:

Hello everyone who have the same issue, I managed to find a solution for that problem and want to share my findings.

The problem is caused by a Windows update (Thank you Microsoft). There is an update which is ruining the video card driver for these older cards and not even let you install the last original driver from Nvidia. All you need to do is force the old driver mannually on to you old machine and it will work again probably… it worked for me but try it out only for your own risk of course. Save all your important data and files before try out such thing because it can kill your Windows System!