New Update (Today) has scrambled my game!

So todays update 9/5/23 , after downloading 4gb patch has now scrambled my game so its unplayable.
The games loads but colours and images are missing.
So for instance the card images are missing, as in all of the card. The only thing i can see are the names and attack and health.
Another issue is where the buttons for actions such as quit, back, settings, confirm etc are all black.
the heathstone symbol from the loading screen is also overlayed on every other screen.

Anyone else having issues with this new update?

Blizzard sort this crap out please.

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Hey , I have the exactly same problem. The thing is that I had the same problem last year after an update. They fix it after 2 weeks with another update. I hope this will not take so long now.

So I just fixed the problem and I want to share with you.
In the game go to Options-> Quality and set it to Low.
It worked for me,I hope to help you also. Good luck

I Run Hearthstone on android. Had to completely reload game to mobile.
Taking ages to load from Tavern doors. Battlegrounds and Mercenaries keeps crashing and kicking me out with an error message and please try again. when it does connect it then says "disconnected from Game, reconnecting. then when finally in it has no competitors and no character and just freezes at that stage, this all happens in Battlegrounds , totally failed to get into mercenaries! Needs sorting quickly!