Not enough space to install Hearthstone on this device - 95gb space free


So I’ve had HS installed on my phone for ages (Huawei P20 Pro), attempted to install the latest patch and it stopped fully downloading claiming there wasn’t enough storage to continue the asset download.

I completely uninstalled the game and re-downloaded from the Play store. When launching HS it pops up with a message saying “There is not enough space on your device to install Hearthstone. Please free up additional space”.

So there is 95gb of internal space free (no SD card slot on this phone), I went into the app settings and enabled both the ‘location’ and ‘storage’ permissions but still get the same message.


Hey Jellybeans,

This can often be a “cache” issue, and clearing the cache through the storage settings on your mobile device can help out. If that does not help out, contact your phone provider for further assistance.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!


I have exactly the same issue on my Huawei mate 20. I have around 100 gb free space, and tried every “solution” i found.