Oops! The Game Crashed


Hello, I’m getting this message when I try to run Hearthstone. I tried all the recommended fixes (video drivers, clearing cache, etc.)

I have an error report, but it won’t allow me to post links here. Should I just paste the error report here? It’s pretty long.

Please let me know how to fix this! Thanks a lot.


Hello Ycleptjah,

Please follow the steps of our Hearthstone Lockups and Crash Errors support article, including the advanced steps if needed.

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Hi, I did all these steps, all the way to reinstalling the game, none of them worked. What should I do now? Thanks.


Found something in another post, that solved my problem with the “Oops! The game crashed” Error.

I had “citrix workspace” installed, that also added a virtual graphic device under my list of graphic devices.

I fully deleted citrix, so Hearthstone could use the right graphic device, and it worked properly. (Have had the same Problem with the Digital Board Game Armello, which also worked properly again from now on).

Even after I installed citrix again there were no further issues with Hearthstone.


Hmm I got same problem with Citrix after new version. Before worked fine. Gotta try reinstalling it it seems or stop it from loading on startup.

Would be good to add citrix as know problem to crash faq it seems?