Payment problem

There seems to be an issue with battlegrounds. I paid 15$ so I could have 4 hero choices in battlegrounds a few months ago and after the last update I only have 2 choices again.

So you bought the Battlegrounds Season Pass “a few months ago”. As the name implies, and as is stated explicitly in the fine print, that pass, and the perks it offers, is valid until the end of the season.

Yesterday, season 3 ended and season 4 started. Your Battlegrounds Season Pass was purchased during, and hence valid during, season 3. If you want to reaing access to the perks, such as the two extra hero choices, you’ll need to buy a new Battlegrounds Season Pass, which will then be valid from now until the end of season 4.

that’s great but it’s ther second time I paid 15$ for 4 heros and the first time wasn’t a “season”, it was just extra when battlegrounds first started. So now I hav e paid 30$ and only 2 hero choices again.

It always was a season. Both the first time and the second time. And this time as well.

Yes, that’s how subscription-based services work. If I stop paying for my newspaper, I will also stop receiving it.

incorrect, but bad try. March 2020 was actually 20$ to unlock 2 extra hero slots. this was no 1st season, this was just “pay this, get this” with no Indian giving involved. The seasons were not a thing until 2021. Which means they just took the 20$ and ran and said "here you can buy the same thing over and over now instead of the one time payment like before.