Permanently stuck in a paused game

Hi, I was playing against my friend and he had to leave abruptly and must have just put his phone in his pocket now I’m permanently stuck, seems like you’ve added a feature to pause a game which is a nice idea but not when I can’t leave, every time I open the menu to click end game nothing happens because the timer is in front of the menu, tried absolutely everything I can think of to fix but I’m permanently stuck in this game I assume until my friend opens his phone.

I imagine that my friend will get back to me far faster than any Blizzard support will but you should be aware of the issue because its incredibly frustrating.


Hi I have the same issue here. Very annoying indeed. haven’t figured out how to fix it.

I have this issue aswell, super annoying

same issue, is it solved?

Same issue here, any ideas?

Same issue here. Even switched to mobile and the issue persists. The whole account is stuck in that game and “Finish game” cannot be clicked because of the Pause message being on the foreground

50 minutes by now…

my power goes off (pc + router) while ingame with a friend and now its messed up.

how to solve this problem?

are there any parameter i can start the game with to end this misery please

Same problem, over an hour now. Friend had to drop game and turn phone off, I have been stuck in paused match. Tried logging in on phone and everything… and can’t even get a ticket submitted, just keeps says “An error occurred, try again later.” Ridiculous…

2 hours into the paused game here. I see the original post is 2 weeks old and no blue text to speak of. Are you all still stuck in paused games or is there a way to fix this?

Same problem. 117 minutes and counting.