Quest won't progress

None of my quests will complete. Both daily and weekly quest won’t progress and are stuck on zero progress. Happened today, probably after the game has been patched.


I have the same problem

I have the same issue with hearthstone related quests, like playing Fel spells or playing a certain class three times. (The ones related to battlegrounds still progress)

Same here, 1 progressed, second day today it doesnt work.
How can y’all not have fixed this yet blizz ?
Wake the duck up plx

Funny, when I post it, its fixed.
How to omegatroll 101

Having the same issue right now. Got the Nozdormu quest, played 3 games, checked the journal and it’s still sitting at 0/3… Cool, complete waste of time - nice one.

Same exact issue. Played 3 games with Nozdormu in deck. Only counted 1.

same here i tryed 3 battle with the Nozdormu quest and didnt get any progress… then i change quest for cast spells and that didnt work either… complete waste of progress and time! plz fix asap!!

Hi everyone,

We’re currently investigating an issue were quest credit is sometimes not awarded from casual mode games. Does that match what you’ve been seeing as well?

If so you should be able to get them done in another game mode.

Thanks for reaching out and apologies for the confusion!


Yeah that’s it, I have switched to standard and now the quests are progressing.

quest will not progress FIX!

You are playing on casual and they dont progress there atm, but you can finish them on ranked and brawl atm (its tested from me for sure)

Same problem as op.

  • advanced from 12/20 - 17/20 heropowers for quest when playing the Zombeast Brawl, but hardstuck at 17/20 now. Played about 3 more Brawls and turned the knob each turn, but to no avail
  • went to Casual mode, played 2 games and ensured to have used heropower at least 3 x each - still at 17/20
  • played Questhunter in Standard, two games with numerous heropowers, still at 17/20

Whelp :unamused: