Ragnaros Task 10 (Burn it All)

Nothing seems to work in this task. Tried several combo combinations (including doing exactly 15 points of damage) and no donut for me

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Same here - tried combos with other mercs as well to to see if they would trigger it, both fire combos and normal ones and no dice.

Same here - cannot complete this task in any way.

Same here, it´s a shame the amount of mercs with bugs from several months. Blizzard said they were going to take care of the bugs…

hi i am stack on task 10 with ragaros (burn it all ) any idea how to complete this?

I’m also stuck here. Done various combo’s and nothing worked for me.

Im stuck too. Please fix asap zulu

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Hallelujah - they have updated this task with the current patch. It now reads “Destroy 15 enemies using Magma blast” and is achievable.

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