Screen freeze / lost connection


Alright so first of all Hi there, i have an issue that makes me < removed > angry.
I’ve read that a lot of player have this problem aswell, but ain’t no good answer tho.
I lost 2 ranked games in a row because after 6-7th round the game just froze and when i realized + reconnected it was too late… i already lost, This is pretty annoying.
You guys are giving network solution etc but hey my network/router and everything are fine thanks. The problem is hiding behind your system, cuz before the new patch everything was fine.
Dont let the people fix your fault instead of you can give us something gift.
Oh and i am playing on PC.


Hello berzerker,

If you keep getting disconnected, please follow the steps mentioned in our Troubleshooting Connection and Latency Issues article, including the advanced troubleshooting if needed.

How’s my driving? Let me know!


Also happened to me.
You are poor support Hagut, many players have problem with this and it is not an internet problem so stop giving false information.
at 3:44 you can see that I have played ranked game


This also happens to me everytime my opponent plays Kabal Chemist. Also, I play Hearthstone on a mobile, I haven’t tried it on a PC.


Hope blizz is going to fix this.
I still dont understand why is warrior clicking at his hero.


Ardsto, as you are playing on mobile, I’d recommend you open your own thread.
Please check also if the issue persists with a different connection and with other apps in background closed.
As a note, there was a message mentioning 1,38 GB - was there a download in progress by any chance? If that’s the case, please wait for it to finish.

I believe those specific emotes appear automatically. As you were already disconnected from the game, you couldn’t see any other action aside an automatic “waiting” emote every few seconds from your opponent.

I see you already made a report here, thank you!

I recommend you also try clearing the cache and the game data on your device, if you are using Android. You can access these features from your Settings menu > Apps > Hearthstone.



I agree, this has happened on my Mobile and on my pc now and it’s about every 3rd or 4th match. i keep losing my rank streak or just my ranks in general. Please fix this. Otherwise you are going to lose your user base very fast.


Your game is buggy AF. this literally happened twice in a space of an hour and a half. Bye bye Hearthstone. :slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face: