Shop is closed it was never open when i finished the tutorial


Hi guys I’ve recently downloaded hearthstone on my android phone (new account) but the shop was closed from day one i didn’t order anything the shop was never open to begin with. I really love the game it would mean a lot if you guys can help me. Thanks for your time.



If your mobile device is showing Hearthstone “Shop is Closed,” it’s likely that it’s waiting for verification for an order that did not complete. Try the following troubleshooting steps:
■ Re-log into HS on your device that first attempted the purchase
■ Sit at the Waiting for Authorization screen for 5 - 10 minutes
The order should be auto canceled and you can continue with other purchases

If that still does not help out, contact support directly for further assistance.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!


Hi Nenya the thing is i never purchased anything. The shop was closed from the beginning when i first opened the game on a new account new device everything new. There is no authorisation error neither any other devices. So is there anything else that might be causing this. Thanks for the fast feedback


In that case, please contact support directly as mentioned earlier. Support will be able to have a look into that for you and help out further.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!


It may be a bit late, I noticed the same issue when I had first created an account on my android phone. It opened, after I verified my email account though.

Not sure if this may have been a similar situation with the OP.