Stuck at loading screen

I can’t enter my account on EU server where I always play. It happened after I quit with alt+f4.

I have performed all the steps in the dedicated help article, including reinstalling the game. Yet the problem persists.

I can login to US account which i don’t play without problems.

The errors i’m getting:

Help please.

Have similar problem. EU servera, iPad Air 2, iOS 14.3.

Stuck at loading screen both from cellular and Wi-Fi. With and without vpn. Never had as issue before. If I Uninstall and reinstall, it works again. But as soon as I relaunch the game it gets stuck on the loading screen. Again i Can uninstall and reinstall to make it work.


Hey Ridgewater.

This error usually indicates that you were unable to contact to the Blizzard servers/services. Firstly, can you would through the steps outlined below

Along with the connection troubleshooting, please also clear the game’s cache files :

Press (Windows key + R)
Type in: %LOCALAPPDATA% and hit enter
Open the Blizzard Folder and delete the Hearthstone folder that you find there

Should the issue persist after all troubleshooting steps are done, reach out to our Support Team for further assistance.

Same problem here, having to uninstall and reinstall every time I want to play a game - any fix for this?

+1 pls fix this blizz

how about iPad issues StoraTuren mentioned? how do we solve this?

Same here on Ipad since two days.

I have the same problem.
I’m stuck on loading screen after updating to Version 19.4.71176 (Wi-Fi or Cellular connection)
Device: iPad Air 2 16GB
iPadOS: 14.3

I am having the same issue on IPad air 2 iOs 14.3. Reinstalling lets me log in one time. After closing and trying to log in again I am stuck at the loading screen. The HS logo at the top of the doors also stops pulsating as if it crashed entirely. I don’t get error codes but one time I saw one as mentioned by OP.

This is an issue since (a little after) last patch. Would be nice to have a response or some troubleshooting help.

yep same problem here on my Iphone.

Same problem, iPad air 2

This has been happening on iPads since the latest patch. There’s a ton of threads here and on Reddit about this bug. Call in the Wolf, and fix it Jules.