The new warlock treasure in duels is ruining duels (also barrov heals it to full)

Their new treasure, please remove it for now.

It is so hard to deal with it’s value; they can copy it, its discountable, lets them draw extra cards, it’s easily a 20/20 rush no real build around needed. I mean the hunter hero power is also very strong but you can at least play around it. This card without good hand disruption in the game is just non intractable and much better than a no build around reno and in a game where you end up with around 40 hp a no build around reno would already be on the strong side. You can’t even barrov it.

I think that even if it would die after 1 turn it would still be really strong and that would be in line with the warlock flavour. Removing the rush and giving it taunt might be to harsh and it does seems like a cool card to play it’s just not even a little fair.

Right now all I do is hope I don’t face warlocks so I can get some fun games.