Updates in games drops connection and games


I have since a couple of weeks been having problems with your updates.
From time to time my app loses connections and an update starts to download. This occurs in the middle of games that have resulted in me losing games.
So far I have just lost earned gold and not real money because of this but still I find it quite frustrating.
After asking around friends this problem seems to occur for them as well.
They describe the same situation, an update starts, the game looses its connection. When the app have made a restart, the match is over and counted as a loss.

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I had the same problem today. During a Classic game, an update started and the Hearthstone app closed. By the time the update completed and I relogged in, I had lost the game.

This is pretty disgusting that Blizzard allow this to happen, I would be surprised if they pay much attention to fixing it as they won’t make more money out of us by doing so.