Welcome back bundle disappeared when i tried buying it

I haven’t played hearthstone for a while and I wanted to get back in the game and be a little up to date with the new expansions, so I considered buying the Welcome Back Bundle of 25 euros which contains 2 random legendaries, 25 united in stormwind and 25 forged in the barrens packs. It continually showed up in the store for a couple of days while I was considering buying it, but the moment I decided that I wanted to, I clicked on it and it said I wasn’t eligible, after which it disappeared from the store. My girlfriend had the exact same problem, but after relogging and restarting the game a couple of times it reappeared again for her and she was able to buy it. I’ve tried this many times on different devices but it isn’t working for me, Ive contacted customer support and they said I should post about my problem here. Honestly I don’t even feel like playing anymore because I would have to spend a lot of money to get back in the game with the recent expansions. The Welcome Back Bundle really made me want to get back in the game but now I don’t know.