Where are my cards?

I bought all the chapters of galakrond​s awakening with gold and completed them but i dont have these cards 1.air raid 2.twited knowledge and 3.bomb wrangler
Where are those cards in my collection ? I dont remember i ​dusted them bucause i only dust nerfed cards

I have a similar issue. EVERY SINGLE TIME I log into the game, cards are missing from my decks. EVERY TIME! It’s not that the cards are not there though. When I look them up they’re in my collection but I have to remove the ‘missing’ cards and add the exact same copies that are in my collection. Then, when I quit the game and log in again I have to repeat the same process with other cards. What gives???

Same here, after new update all my decs missing some cards lice cone of cold or shadowed spirit and many more…