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Heroes of the Storm Patch Notes – November 12, 2019 (2)

Heroes of the Storm has just been updated with improvements below. GENERAL Multiple log-in improvements aimed to help future development of the game.

Hotfix Patch Notes - October 2, 2019 (2)

We’ve released a hotfix last week to address bugs below. BUG FIXES E.T.C. E.T.C. Mosh Pit will now be properly interrupted by Crowd Control during the cast time. MAC Fixed an issue that would cause Mac players to cr…

Free Hero Rotation ( 2 3 ) (44)

Check out this week’s complete Hero roster below! Free-to-Play Hero Rotation: July 16, 2019 Malfurion Valla Gazlowe Johanna Thrall Dehaka Greymane Xul Lucio Falstad Alarak (Slot unlocked at Player Level 5) Zarya (Slot…

The Ultimate Forum Guide (Codes, Trust Levels, FAQ) (4)

To all heroes of Azeroth, Sanctuary, Aiur, the Nexus and future Earth! Allow me to introduce myself: I’m Pachimari, one of many Customer Service MVPs in Europe. :wave: If you’re reading this, it means that the for…

Hi! Please read this thread first! (5)

Welcome to the Heroes of the Storm discussion forums! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss all aspects of Heroes of the Storm with your fellow players. Community forums work…

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