10% Speed Buff for Heroes - Mages Skill Floor RAISED!


Well, mages that mostly depend on skill shots… it just became harder for people to land those successfully… The era of MELE assassins just began…


I haven’t even really noticed a difference

But if this is true then the skill floor AND CEILING FOR ALL PLAYERS have just been raised!

And the game is going to become more fast paced and fun

This also means that SLOWS are going to be playing a more vital part of the game than ever before

I am hoping that this change leads us into a more fun era of Heroes of the Storm! :smiley:


im honestly scared of tracers potential, havent gotten to play on the new patch yet though


For most heroes, not for heroes like reynor or ilidan, who depend on AA attacks

but yes those who throw out spells, it will take them a couple of games to adapt

I doubt anything will effect tracer plays.

Before, = enemy move at 10, tracer move at 10 speed
now = enemy move at 11 speed, n so does tracer…

not much dfference

the most effected from this change is Heroes with skillshots like
Li Ming
Valla Q build
Medivh (to get his stacks)
Orphea (to hit her Q)
Nova (Q build)

and many more…

But I see heroes who have slows, will benefit more, specially arthas n jaina, 40% reduction on 100 speed = 60 speed (40 difference between u n enemy)
40% reduction on 110 speed = 66 speed (44 difference between u n enemy)


I do think that nazeebo will suffer the most since all of his abilities are skillshots and since wall was already hard to hit now it will be near to impossible.


I don’t think so. This game is still mechanically way too much in favor of ranged heroes.


yup, i can add tht to the list, but i wont say would suffer the most…
but yes, those toads would be easier to dodge, the spiders however is stil not an issue in most cases, the wall, its useless unless a person is rooted or stun i think

ranged mages , = not so much now… of course, those who r really good at it will manage… but i see fewer noobs playing the low-skill-floor heroes
I expect to see less mings now, specialy those who just spam orbs n missiles… they wont get much value.

and ranged AA heroes r the ones who benefiit the most
its the golden era for REYNOR, VALLA, GREYMANE, and also for those who slow the enemy down , coz % slow will add more difference between enemy n U
like jaina, arthas, n others


Okay, now I see why my last 2 games felt so weird :slight_smile: I like the change though, as many skill shots are way too easy to hit anyway. Nice buff to AA heroes though, which benefit not only from better dodging abilities, but are also less affected by the change overall.


You shud read the patch notes, everytime it asks u for update of patch, go n read, it helps

Valla health buffed
Greymane attack damage buffed

its going to b fun :wink:


Dunno if it’s me… but didn’t even notice it. Though I was playing Zul’jin last night, so it didn’t really matter all too much. Was landing my blades as usual.


its more of a fuss rather than some major difference in gameplay,
it will take just 2 to 3 games to get your muscle memory to adjust


One thing I’ve noticed is that it’s definitely easier to retreat when the enemy is attacking you and lacks slows

They can’t easily keep damaging you until you die if you run away from them towards your base without stopping

This will most likely help you against high damage mages and basic attackers


yup, AoE damage is easier to avoid
easier to come out of flamestrike, and others.
and the best thing = you can run FASTER now, so it increases the chances of being able to reach the hearthstone before the pyroblast detonates in the behinds :smiley:


got to play with the change, places i noticed the changes :
Anubarak Q is practically a non issue.
Blazes stun is easier to dodge at range.
Nova’s Percision strike is also much easier to move out of.

Basically all dodgable abilites with travel time ( pyro is still pyro ).


And it’s a good thing too

Those abilities were quite often sure to hit even when used by anyone of decent skill level

Now you actually have to be the real deal to get the hang of them

A few years back I think

They actually nerfed the speed of many or all heroes to make the games last longer

This happened around the time Ammunition was removed from buildings

I noticed that back in the day Arthas was quite the Nova exterminator

And after a while it was difficult but not impossible for him to catch her

But in the past it used to be way easier

And I’m talking way back when the very first Haunted Mines was still playable and in rotation

THIS Haunted Mines

So this increase in speed is probably a sign of good things to come

Back to the time when our game used to be more fast paced and full of excitement


good point, arthas and garrosh have it much easier after they hit their root/stun to run to their target


And we also have to consider that the victims often stop to attack and only start running away once they realize they are in danger

So playing heroes that like to go on an offensive pursuit are more rewarded for their efforts

Unless they run too deep into danger


Yeah totally! Oh wait, ah, never mind, no.

KT is still broken as hell because his abilities take as much skill as healing people with Lili, (none.) Hanzo’s arrow hitbox and range is still ridiculously high (he is basically the new old Chromie dmg wise), try running away from Genji (he laughs at you), Guldan has basically no mana or cooldown costs, and can always just click on your hero to suck him dry. That is just to name a few and guess what, they all get the same 10% movement speed, which means that nothing changes. It would be the same to say everyone gets 10% more mana, it changes nothing, but will still keep the blind fanboys busy, thinking they actually care about the game.

You wanna win? Play ranged heroes. Nothing has changed.


And the Arthas that chases him is going to consistently be able to run circles around him while cutting him down

Ironic since it also kind of fits the lore as well in a way

Well I do!

Melee Heroes have a significant advantage now due to being able to catch up faster when chasing

Sure Ranged Heroes may run away faster as well but keep in mind that most actually stop to basic attack or use abilities and that can end up making a HUGE difference when catching up to one


I think the ultimates need to be fixed, the normal abiliities are suppose to b made difficult, thts why they buffed the speed.

in ultimates, nova precision strike, n artanis beam n Leorics march , those 3 come to my mind